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New Year, New Ideas!

I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays with friends and loved ones and that the New Year brings you everything you desire!

2023 is going to be exciting for Carol Lara Photography too. From Elopements to Photography Classes to Studio Specials...

Let me tell you all about them!


So, I've shot many, many weddings in the past, but it was never a service I actively promoted. For a long time I couldn't put my finger on what it was that I wanted to adjust in order to say that I officially offered this as one of my services. As I developed in my photography career, I thought to myself, "How can I take the most magical moments from wedding photography and create a service that revolves around just that?" For me, those moments have always been when I can take the couple off somewhere by themselves, away from the crowd and photograph them. I began to think of the weddings I've shot and how my love for authentic and intimate portraits is the soul of my business. How could I combine the two into one service and really make that the focal point? That's when I remembered Ashley and Dunnie. I actually photographed their Elopement in 2019. I was looking through their photos with a huge smile on my face and that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

Then I realized, "I can have it all!" Relaxed, happy clients and amazing photos of the most important part of a wedding - the couple!

And that's when I decided, "That's it, it's Elopement Photography for me!"

This year I look forward to creating new bonds with couples that want the same thing for their special day! My clients and I will be meant for each other!

Check out my new page about Elopement Photography.

Digital Photography Classes

I'm so excited to be offering the 4 Week Course - Digital Photography 101 in my studio in Downtown Alton, IL Tuesdays in March. This class is a relaxed, non-techy, fun setting where I'll teach you how to master your camera to be able to take photos of special people and events in your life to using it for a new hobby such as nature photography. Who knows, you may even want to start your own photography business! The possibilities are endless, but first we need to get you out of Automatic and put you in the driver's seat on Manual Mode. You got this! Let's goooo!!


I have two new Specials for Valentine's Day. One is for grown ups and the other is for the kiddos. Photos will be back in time for Valentine's Day!

White Sheet Sessions

Kid's Valentine's Day Session

So that's how I'm kicking off my New Year! How about you?

Have any new ideas or new goals for this year? I'd love to hear about them.

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