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In Between Spaces

I know, two posts in one day... I am new to blogging, but it's Wednesday and I have to tell you about this Friday!!

Come and check out some of my personal work at the U City Tech Artista at the Lewis Collaborative. Opening Night is this Friday December 9th, from 6-9pm.

My personal work tends to be a little grittier and let's say, stranger than my client work. I call this series "30 Seconds". As usual, I'm calling on the viewer to make their own interpretations of the work. For each image I strategically posed myself in different positions in order to burn light on to my camera's sensor within 30 seconds. Aside from basic color and texture adjustments, the actual images you'll see are made fully in camera.

Below is an image that I did not include in the show (you'll have to go to see those), but was one of my runner ups in the final decision making. I'll be releasing some more of these images on my IG page in the upcoming weeks.

Official Flyer

I hope to see you there! I'll slow down on the blog posts after this, maybe ;)

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