Art Piece Session

You Are The Art

I do not believe in booking as many sessions as possible. I actually limit the number of clients I take on in order to commit my time to developing artistic sessions and meticulously hand-edit each image. My sessions require time and creativity. I combine your ideas with my creative vision to produce artistic fine art imagery that is worthy of art gallery walls. If you are booking this type of session, it’s because you love the art you’ve seen me create and you trust my eye and direction.


Great! Now that we have that established let's start planning!


Let's go over what you will receive and your investment. 

You'll receive a full creative session where we will choose the perfect image to be printed and framed as artwork. Your final artwork may contain digital composited components as well as real life materials that I work into shots to create interesting textures and movement. The final image is created based on the vision agreed upon in the pre-consultation (required).

The artwork will be printed on Giclée Fine Art Paper and framed as wall art. This large 24x30 (or similar size) art piece comes in a beaded black or white frame and protects your image behind a high quality reflection control glass. You'll also receive the high resolution digital file of that same image plus have the option to choose additional images (digital or printed) for an additional cost. 

Most of the sessions will include any creative props or makeup if needed at no additional cost, but if special sets and custom pieces are required to be made, additional costs should be considered.

The creative session, editing, digital compositing, costuming, props, high resolution digital file and framed artwork is $1300. 

$200 due at time of booking / remaining due by session date.

Interest free Payment Plans can be offered.

Do not hesitate to ask. 

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