Carol Lara

Multi-Passionate Artist

Carol Lara has been exploring art since she was a child. Growing up in St. Louis, MO with immigrant parents from Peru, her days were filled with eccentric and creative ways of navigating life. Singing, dancing, exploring, storytelling, painting and making have always played important roles in her life.

At 19 years old she began working at a camera store and that's when her passion for photography began, but as life would have it, she switched to corporate America believing it was the safest path to choose after her daughter was born. Finally, with her daughter growing up into an independent young woman and with the creative voices in her head getting louder, she decided to listen. She is now a full time photographer and artisan. She enjoys digital photography, collage, digital art, working with clay to make jewelry, making sculptures and painting, but overall - she doesn’t limit herself anymore. She believes that creativity should be explored and experimented with in order to open mental channels that would otherwise stay closed. Follow her on her journey and if you feel so inclined, support her path by purchasing your own piece of art.


You can find her most of her artwork on her Etsy Shop

or purchase journals designed by Carol Lara HERE.

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